Commercial Vinyl Flooring, Exclusive Worldwide Flooring Distributors.  Eco Wood Luxury Vinyl Flooring , Vinyl Flooring Installation and Supply.  This product is excellent for restaurants, retail, storefronts, beauty salons, schools, cafeterias, offices, medical offices, hospitals, mobile homes, boats, yachts and/or any space that is exposed to water.
Vinyl Wood looking flooring is easy to install.  Looks identical to ceramic tile or wood and is durable enough for the active family with pets.  It is one of the least expensive floors on the market.  In addition to laminate wood flooring and we are offering Vinyl Luxury Wood Look Waterproof Flooring at deep discounts with major savings.  
Vinyl flooring is designed to protect your floor with a seamless and continuous surface that adds value to your home, and provides an option that is low-cost, low-maintenance, and highly stylized to your specific aesthetics. If you've got a vision for what you want your room to look like, no matter how  particular your design idea,the Flooring King is going to be able to provide you a vinyl floor that will match your taste and ambition with precision.
Luxury Vinyl can also handle tough to manage areas.  This product is great for anyone interested in giving your kitchen or bathroom a wood finished look.  With most of our vinyl products, spills will not be absorbed, and they won't stain, even with your red drinks such as wine or cranberry juice. Since fluids can't seep through the floor board, you also won't have issues with mold, mildew and fungus. That’s because with many of these products, we're talking about a real waterproof flooring, and the others are still heavily water resistant, rendering maintenance much easier on the pocketbook than taking care of non vinyl floors. Vinyl Flooring can be mopped, and you don’t have to worry about doing any damage to the surface because the waterproof surfaces are impermeable.
For anyone looking for low maintenance, scuff resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant flooring & even crack resistant, this is it!!  Your search is over!  Excellent for heavy traffic areas.  This flooring is great for investors with rentals, people that have kids and pets, your car garage, pilate studio, cafeteria, etc...  This item is so versatile too that you can use it for decorative touches such as on walls and ceilings.  This is a very easy do it yourself flooring that anyone can install it.
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